Painting outdated oak Cabinets to look amazing!

Tired of the stained cabinet look? While some people love their oak cabinets in the kitchen,,, Others want a modern chic look by adding a splash of color. Up till now your options were to basically to refinish your kitchen cabinets and maybe change the stain color. Or you could always rip them out and buy and install new custom cabinets.

By the way— this is pretty darn expensive. With todays specialized paint and professional spray paint equipment you suddenly have new options at your fingertips.

Imagine what your oak cabinets will look like after having a pro do some cabinet painting for you?

So many colors available to you!

What does this mean for you?

Well, before if you wanted to pick a new cabinet color you had a limited selection. You had to settle for what was in stock at the cabinet showroom. Or you could custom order a color but expect for it to take a long time for delivery and pay a premium price for it.

However, when you hire a kitchen cabinet painters in Gwinnett County you can pick any color you want. Pink cabinets or lime cabinets — no problem!


Metro Atlanta median home price $349,000 after 40% rise

After leveling off in late summer, prices moved up 4% in October from the month before.

Prices had been rising steadily for years, but a pandemic-enhanced sellers’ market has lifted the median price of a home in the region’s 28 counties by 20% since October 2020 and by a stunning 40% since the fall of 2019, said Kristen Jones, the owner of Re/Max Around Atlanta, a real estate brokerage.

In recent months, the combination of higher prices and a scarcity of listings has meant fewer and fewer sales, she said. The number of sales dropped by more than 13% compared with October oflast year. – Source

Its the same here in Gwinnett County. The best way to sell your house for more? Paint your house!


Auburn preps for population surge

Auburn, split by railroad tracks running parallel to U.S. 29/Ga. 8, sits on the edge of Barrow and Gwinnett counties. Its historic downtown area to the north pays homage to its railroad history with a bright, red caboose. Fewer than 8,000 residents currently call Auburn home, but that number will double in less than five years based on the new number of homes being built, according to Mayor Linda Blechinger. – source

More houses mean more painting estimates in the future.